Nov 17, 2005

The demise of our (so called) 4th Child and City of Villains

My laptop died (a Dell Inspiron 5100) and I suspect from reading online that it finally got too hot over an extended period of time and fried something. I have had it for 2.5 years and it has served me well, but MAN do I miss having it. I got an adapter from CompUSA so I can retrieve the harddrive contents, but I guess I need a 40-44 pin adapter as well, so I will get that tomorrow when I go to Salt Lake. I will see if I can fix the laptop, but if not, I am currently accepting large sums of money to replace it =). I will probably get another Dell, like I said, I was happy with it, looking at the Inspiron 6000 or 9300. I really would like the MCE version, so I had a portable TV of sorts, but not sure if I can justify the price.

I got $60 in Best Buy gift cards from the company I work for yesterday, so I decided to buy a new game. I got City of Villains so that I can build a supergroup base in City of Heroes. It is by far my favorite game. I have a page about it on my website ( ) I will add my villains when I pick up the game tomorrow. I had some money left over so I got Harry Potter 3 and The Sound of Music DVD's for my wife. I am way excited for the game -- I have names picked out for my villains already. I will create 1 of each archetype so I can get a lock on the names.

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