Nov 25, 2005

Harry Potter, COV update, and Thanksgiving

I went to Harry Potter: The Goblet of Fire last Friday (18th). It was full to overflowing, I ended up sitting on a chair from the ticket booth next to a handicapped spot. It was worth it though I guess; the movie was awesome. Of course it was an abridged version of the book, but the special effects were great and the storyline was smooth.

I have now created a new villain of each archetype in City of Villains. And they are all to at least level 2. My highest one is lvl 13 now -- a fire/fire corruptor. You can see them all at . It is a very good "sequel" to City of Heroes, though I am still getting used to the new mission format. The supergroup I belong to has a base with several items in it so far, but nothing of value yet; Have to get power, computer systems, etc in place before you can put anything useful in.

Thanksgiving was at my parent's house. It was nice, there weren't quite as many people there as usual, but it was enjoyable and a lot quieter =). We are having Thanksgiving again today at my house with my wife's family. My wife is making the turkey, pie, and potatoes. It should be fun.

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