Nov 26, 2005

War of the Worlds

We rented War of the Worlds and watched it today; it was pretty cool. Not exactly what I expected, but good. Though ever since Tom Cruise went crazy I have a hard time imagining him in any role that he isn't wearing a straight jacket -- and it makes me sick that 7 yr old Dakota Fanning makes more in a month than I do in a year -- or more.

My corruptor in COV is lvl 14 now -- Finally, he can fly! It makes it so much easier to get around that way -- especially since COV has much more blockades on streets etc than COH does. I also deleted and remade my dominator, her old name was Antarctikana-- because she was the nemesis to my controller, Arctikus- But it didn't fit her since she was a plant/thorn toon. I didn't like her costume either, so I remade her -- Organicami, a more fitting name and made her a new costume too.

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