Dec 13, 2005

The Nefarious Ways of Men (and Heroes, Villains, and Elves)

I started playing World of Warcraft on Sunday - and it is QUITE addicting. The skill trees are pretty entertaining though I am still getting the hang of it. However, due to the fact that I can only play it or City of Heroes/Villains, I am having a hard time deciding. They are both great games, but unless someone wants to donate some money to supporting two habits, I cannot really justify them both. I have made some pretty good friends online in COH/COV, but I can play World of Warcraft with my brother in law. This makes for a tough decision. If anyone would like to comment/suggest my best course of action, I would more than happy to give it a go.

1 comment:

  1. I think you've had a good go at COH and besides, isn't building family relationships what life is all about? I say go for WarCraft and this is coming from your wife who's not always completely thrilled with the gaming world and how much time it takes to be sucessful there. ;) You can always go back to COH, right? Go for the one that helps you make friends where friends really count!



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