Jun 2, 2008

Fix a flat

I ended up getting a new tube for each tire since I got a flat, the new tubes have green goop inside them that is supposed to "auto-patch" any small holes. The guy at the Trek store said he had had them for 4 years and never gotten a flat. So I spent about 45 minutes this morning changing out the one bike tire. I will change out the other one later. We got a Mini air compressor that is rechargeable that fits in the car, has 12 volt and 110 volt outlets, a work light, and batter jump starter. I eventually would like to get a real air compressor, but this will be good for now.

I figured it was worth spending a few minutes in the morning to repair the tire and ride to work again, because if I skipped 1 day, it would be a lot easier to skip 2 days.

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