Oct 10, 2008

About Me in Pictures

First name: Geoffrey (Chaucer)

Middle Name: Albert (Einstein, though I was named after Joseph Albert Brown, My Great Grandpa)

Last Name: Sagers (Panthers Say GRR)

Bad Habit: Staying up WAY too late

What are you doing right now?: Listening to iTunes (jammin)

Grandfather's Name: Glen (Canyon Dam)

Past Pet: Cocoa (a cat)

Where I grew up: Erda Utah

My first job: Cleaning up the Motor Vu

One of my favorite places: Disneyland

If I went back to school, I would: Stop -- I have my degree, I have other pursuits now, but maybe someday.

Place I would love to visit: The whole world

My favorite color: Green

Favorite Food: Big Mac

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