Oct 4, 2008

A Ramp for Becca (and by use, Diana)

I made a ramp today for Becca. It was pouring rain all day long, and I got plenty wet. But, it is finally done. Now it will be much easier for Diana to get Becca in and out of the house to the bus. Eventually I would like to put in a concrete ramp, but this should work for this winter. And -- it didn't cost a dime - I made the whole thing out of recycled playhouse.
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  1. Thank You for taking care of your Family by building the ramp. It really will be easier on Diana's back. I bet the other kids will love running up and down it, too!

  2. Sweet ramp. I was all confused, because Diana asked me if I saw the pictures of the new ramp, and I was thinking, "I was just out there, there isnt a ramp.... Diana must be crazy!" =)



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