Nov 9, 2008

Compost This!

Diana and I spent a lot of Saturday making compost bins for the leaves and yard clippings from our yard. I ended up making 3 of them out of the siding from the old playhouse. The playhouse just keeps on giving. So far we made the ramp for the front porch, and now these. They are 32" diameter by 40, 40, and 64 respectively for a total of 67 cubic feet of mulch. I made PVC pipes with holes drilled in them to allow air in. I just need to drill holes in the sides to pop them in, and a door on the bottom to pull out the oldest stuff first. Hopefully there will be a lot ready by next spring when it is time to plant the garden. We actually still have more mulch on our driveway, but are getting to the point of wondering how much compost we really need.

1 comment:

  1. My favorite part of your compost story was the method you used for stomping the clippings down in there tight....they put their daughters down in the tubes! :)



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