Dec 7, 2008

Ulcer - Or, you know your getting old when you start getting diseases your grandparents had...

I have an ulcer. Apparently a rather nasty one. I was feeling stuffy and congested around Thanksgiving, and thought blech, the flu, just what I need. So after a few hour trip to Tooele for Thanksgiving, we went home instead of staying overnight. Friday I started to feel worse and Saturday was even worse. By Sunday, I had started throwing up on 30 minute intervals. By Wednesday, I hadn't eaten/drank anything that I had kept down more than an hour, so Diana took me to the doctor. I had lost 20 lbs in 4 days. He did some blood tests and sent me to the hospital for 2 liters of saline solution since I was so dehydrated. The 1st bag of solution had some anti-nausea medication in it, so that helped some, but I still couldn't eat more than about 1/2 a fistfull size of anything. The doctor's office called on Thursday to have me come back in on Friday for the results. I have an ulcer in my stomach. Apparantly it is caused by a very resistant strain of bacteria, and worsened by stress and diet. So, he put me on 2 different anti-biotics as well as a medicine that prevents acid buildup in my stomach, and from the 2nd dose on, I have felt MUCH better. I still am a little weak and need to lay down every so often, but I am SO glad that it has been treated. Thank you to all who kept me in your thoughts and prayers.


  1. Thank You for going to the Dr. and getting the help you needed. I'm sorry you have to have an ulcer at all, but I'm glad it is treatable. Enjoy the Christmas season, now that you feel better. :)

  2. Oh that's terrible! Sorry to hear about the ulcer, hope you feel back to normal soon, on the plus side... 20 pounds... not too bad! ;)

  3. Sorry to hear it. I have to have surgery in January for a hernia near my navel. It's all them kids that did it to me! Anyway, glad you are doing better.



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