Jun 7, 2009

Almost 3, going on Deacon

Landon -- Almost 3, going on Deacon. No, he isn't turning 3, just wears SIZE 3T clothes and is pushing into the 4T arena. He's a healthy eater, that's for sure. But he is so fun to be around; just putters around the house playing with toy cars, balls, or whatever else suits his fancy at the time. But if you wait to long to feed the boy, he gets really cranky. So if he starts getting into things or making a mess, you can bet, it's mealtime.


  1. Oh, Landon Buddy, you look so handsome. Stay a kid as long as you can. Too soon you'll be playing high school football, and leaving on a Mission. Enjoy that snack!

  2. love it!!! Landon is SO cute!!!



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