Jun 1, 2009

Biker lost in the valley!

Ok, the headline is the attention grabber, but seriously, how come no bikers ever get lost this way? How nice would it be to hear on the news: "A local man, missing for over a month was found today, 40 lbs heavier than when he got lost. Apparently he had a trailer full of food with him, which he ate too much of. In fact, according to experts, he could have lasted as long as 2 more months had he not eaten so much of it at once.

Seriously though, this is my bike load of food for the office for a snack vending setup my co-worker and I have. I am sure I got some strange looks riding to work pulling a trailer full of food, especially since I took the longer way down through some farmland areas.


  1. Geoff, that is awesome! Chris and I love that you took a picture of this.

  2. hahahaha!!!! love this! I haven't been looking at the blogs lately - great post!!!!!!!



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