Jun 29, 2010

Being Remarkable.

Lets just be straight here. I am above average. I received better grades than a C. I know how to do a lot more things than most people I know. I have been more places than most people I know. I have quite a few talents. I truly enjoy my life. I love my wife, my children adore me, and I love playing with them. I have no reason to feel less than adequate about most things.

However, I have yet to feel remarkable about anything. Don't get me wrong, that is one of my biggest aspirations in life; to be remarkable in something, anything.

I have tried drawing, and I am better than your average Pictionary™ player.

I have tried home improvement, and am far less likely to be hurt than Tim "The Toolman" Taylor (though that's not saying much is it?).

I have a nice looking yard, but nothing spectacular.

I think my yearning to be remarkable partly sparked my interest in creating my photography blog. Its not remarkable photography yet, maybe it never will be, but I find it remarkable to me that there is a new photo every day. Every single day. That I took. Some are better than others. I know that. Hopefully they are getting better in general. On day 365 I plan to grab the folder from my computer and make a book out of it. A hard-bound copy of at least one thing (that took a whole year) to do that was remarkable to me.

Someday, maybe I can look back on it with fondness and my naive dreams of being someone important later on in life. I won't be looking at it from The Oval Office, the Governor's mansion, or probably even the Mayor's house. But, it's something I can look at, and maybe someday, as my grandchildren are cleaning out my house after I am gone, one of them will come across it, and even for a moment, think, "Huh, my grandpa sure was remarkable…"


  1. Geoff- I loved this post. I find that once I look back on the day to day details of life patterns of remarkableness appear.

    How great to have a photo to document each day.

  2. Thanks, I am not usually one to wax philosophical, but every now and then....



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