Oct 14, 2010

Thursday Meeting : Spikemen

So, I have an attention span problem. I can't sit in meetings or watch movies without DOING something. Every Thursday we have a staff meeting at work, and I have a tendency to doodle. These little doodles will probably be worth millions someday, so I am letting you get in on the ground floor of seeing them first!

Today, I drew the spike men. A couple things you should know. 1) Yes, they have a leader, it's pretty obvious who it is, and 2) if it looks like it was drawn a paper towel with a smudge on it, it was, and the brownie was delicious!

1 comment:

  1. You know, if you turn the napkin upside down, they're little pacman ghosties with one eye and an eyebrow. :D Landon thought they were footprints until he saw them up close. Is it weird that when I look at this, I want to know which one you drew first? :D



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