Jan 27, 2011

On turning 35...

  • over 1/2 way to retirement. (unless they keep raising the age, which they might)
  • can run for President of the United States. (Not that I want to, but nice to know it's an option)
  • Only 5 years until a midlife crisis, and then I can get that new _________ I have been wanting.
  • Only 20 years until my senior discount kicks in.
  • All my kids are still younger than me, and think I know more than they do (for another couple of years)
  • 1 year closer to being a millionaire, at my current rate, I only need to live several thousand more years to hit my goal.
  • I should know by now what I want to be when I grow up, but don't know if I do.
  • Body parts will continue to get old and fall off/out or be removed; so far I am down 2 teeth and one gall bladder.
Overall, I gotta say though, I never imagined being 35; I remember looking forward to the year 2000, and that's 11 years in the past now.

I look forward to life, love my wife, can't play the fife, have fun with my swiss army knife, and try to avoid strife. And I like rhymes and symmetry.

1 comment:

  1. I had my gall bladder out at 34 (just before my 35th birthday)! Must be genetic ... watch out for these bad Brown genes when it comes to the digestive tract.

    Loved your Pros ... thanks for sharing! (And being such a great dad--love reading your posts about Becca.)



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