Jun 25, 2011

National Abilities Center

Today we had the opportunity to go to the National Abilities Center in Park City. It is basically a recreational area that specifically caters to persons with disabilities. They had bike and horseback riding, a climbing wall, high and low ropes course, and an adapted playground. They are all specifically laid out such that no matter the disability, everyone can participate. We started off on the bikes.

I rode a 3 wheeled, 1-hand steering and brake recumbent bike.

With Becca on my lap

Gracie rode a hand pedaled recumbent tricycle

Emily rode a large tricycle with regular pedals, but a large seat to help maintain balance

Ethan rode a hand pedaled tricycle -- and when I say rode, I mean he even pedaled himself around, CUTEST thing EVER.

Landon also rode a recumbent style trike, and loved every minute of it.

They had a small obstacle course for practicing. Becca loved just cruising up and down the road.

The climbing wall, Becca wasn't much for climbing, but loved sitting and swinging on the rope. BTW this is what I would look like with a long mustache.

Emily climbed about 1/2 way up the 30 foot wall

Landon about 10 feet

Gracie 1/2 way up as well.

Ethan wasn't too sure about it, but got to swing a bit like Becca too.

The low ropes course let Grace practice balance

And Emily got to too.
(Note: the woman on the right is also named Emily. She is one of Becca's supervisors in the state program)

Landon loved the ropes course and did awesome

Becca did the High ropes course as well, she was 20 feet in the air, swinging in the breeze. She even held her head up part of the time to look around. She loved the wind in her face.

Then she got to help brush Stormy the miniature pony. She wouldn't look at the horse, but every time she felt him rub his muzzle on her leg she laughed and giggled.

Gracie got to ride

Emily was all smiles

And Landon was proud as he could be.
It was a great experience for our whole family and we had a great time. We learned about all sorts of adaptive devices we can use with Becca so she gets the most out of our playground and family activities. Thank you USDB for a great day!


  1. What a great place to be able to visit! I love that Becca could have such a great time, and the rest of your family, too. What a great example you are to families everywhere. Thank you for sharing your "Crowning Moments!" with me and my readers.

    (Before I even read your comments, I thought it looked like a mustache on the wall pics. Hilarious.)

  2. What a cool place! Love all the pics. :)

  3. What an awesome day for everyone! Thank you for sharing.



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