Jul 27, 2011

Sagers South Dakota Summer 2011

Our whole trip!

Part of the kidlets at the Motel we stayed at the first night in Rock Springs, WY

At Martin's Cove, the kids got a chance to pull handcarts

I took a turn too, and sufficed to say, I wouldn't have made a great pioneer.

Becca was her own handcart, though she would have gotten to ride in the handcart in Pioneer times.

I'll take little kid for the win please, Mr. Davidson

Two deer who got into a physical argument, and ended up starving to death.

Fireplace made out of a rancher's daughter's rock collection
The whole family!

Wind Caves - they call this Boxwork.

Our tour group

Jewel Cave

The Dakota Hills

Forest Fire Lookout on Grace Coolidge peak

The rolling hills of the Dakota's

Herd of Buffalo? We saw and Heard them.

They were all over the place

Had trails along the mountainside they followed.

Some even came down on the roadway.

Part of our 5 van, 1 car convoy

One of the 9 tunnels carved through the mountains we went through.

The Needles in South Dakota

Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

The family at Mount Rushmore

They are quite amazing both in size and detail

And were lit up at night

Devil's Tower

Devil's Tower at Sunset

Yep, more Devil's tower, but this time with cute kids in front of it!

One of the scoop shovels from the Coal Mine in Campbell County, WY

The tires from the trucks they use in the mine.

Independence Rock, WY

Independence Rock, WY

Total Mileage - 1817.4 miles, 35 1/2 hours of driving, about $400 for lodging, $350 for gas, but the memories will be priceless!

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  1. I was hoping you would come link up this week. I am always so impressed with your obvious prioritization, (is that really a word?) of family. I really admire you for realizing what is so important on this Earth. Thanks for being a great example to families and individuals all over.



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