Feb 13, 2012

Things You Will NEVER Hear My Wife Say...

First off, this is tounge-in-cheek; we are happily married, and drive each other happily crazy sometimes. So, in honor of this fact, I came up with a list of things that my wife will never say to me, no matter how long we are married.
  • Wow, I ate just the right amount at dinner; I'm sure this will last me until breakfast.
  • I can't reach that, it's just TOO high!
  • I couldn't sleep another wink. No, really!
  • I woke up like two hours before you this morning, just to make you a lovely breakfast.
  • Thanks for taking the kids for the afternoon, but hurry back, I miss them so much already!
  • You know what would be awesome? Watching you play video games for a couple hours.
  • I cannot believe how nice my hair looks today -- and I didn't even use a brush!
  • Please don't give me more chocolate.
  • Look honey! I went to the store and bought these 5 outfits and they all fit perfectly with NO alterations required!
  • While you were gone, I finished up your "honey do" list. You were almost done anyway.
  • I am afraid we have too much time and money, what will we do with all this surplus?
  • I don't need a pet of any sort, they would just take my time away from you.
  • Of course I wanna watch a Naked Gun / Hot Shots marathon, let's hurry!
I love you Diana!
Happy Valentines Day!

P.S. Her list is here.


  1. What a fun idea you two came up with! It is always good to recognize your strengths and your weaknesses--and that you are a work in progress! Love you!

  2. Ha ha, what a great list! Hope you guys have a great Valentine's Day!

  3. I like you list too, Geoff. You guys make me laugh.

  4. Sorry, gotta vote for both. Adam and I were both cracking up. So fun.



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