Jun 9, 2012

Pioneer Trek 2012 - Day 4

Last night we slept in the van. This was MUCH warmer. However, it did have the little clasps where the seats hook down in the floor that stuck up about 1/2 an inch. TOTALLY worth it though. I was warm.

For breakfast we had Cream of Wheat, another not so fun childhood memory -- so I ate pop tarts. There was some leftover biscuits and gravy from the day before, so I had some of that too. We broke camp, turned in the hand carts, and headed out to Rock Creek Hollow (also known as Rocky Ridge).

We had sandwiches for lunch in the parking area, then headed to the memorials.

The plaques are a memorial to the 15 people in the Willie hand cart company who died making it over the 3 mile long hill with layers of rocks during a heavy snowstorm. You can still see the ruts from the wagon wheels in the rock.
Ruts from the Handcarts and Wagons

Afterward, we had testimony meeting which was very moving. Some of the kids that started the Trek as slightly cocky I could tell were truly humbled from their experiences. There was one in particular that is far to sacred to share here, but feel free to ask me about it sometime.

We loaded up the cars again, and then headed toward home.

I stopped to take pictures at an old mining town, and since we would just be a minute, waved the others on.

After taking a few pictures, I realized we had a flat tire -- and also the only phones that worked. Diana sent a text message to some other members of our group, so when they got to a spot that they had service, they would get it and not wonder where we were. I put the spare on and we headed out again. Unfortunately, the closest place to get a tire fixed was in Rock Springs, 90 miles away.

We made it to Rock Springs and got the tire fixed at Wal-mart (which took more than an hour) and had a bite to eat. The Blackhursts and Dickeys had gotten our texts and stopped with us to wait. We got some fried chicken and potatoes in the deli. Finally we got it taken care of and left Rock Springs about 6:30ish.

We made it home, exhausted but happy at around 10:00pm.

Trek was Amazing. Truly Amazing. I cannot begin to understand all the Pioneers went through because of their faith, but I appreciate it far more than I did before.

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