Apr 12, 2013

The Single Dad (Day 2)

Woke up at 7:06. Morning routine much like yesterday, did another load of laundry. Emily made my lunch again. She left me a note again today.
Sent the girls off to school again at 8:30. Becca's bus was a little early 8:35, but we were ready, so she got on, I ate breakfast quickly, and off the boys and I went to Aunt Deana's house. We got there at 9:05, and she wasn't back from crossing guard duty at the elementary, so we waited a couple of minutes, I dropped them off, and headed to work. I spent most of the morning in a meeting, then the rest of the day trying to correct a bug in the software that long story short is related to the fact that the largest integer that can be represented in the software is 2 to the 31st power. That many seconds from January 1, 1970 is considered the end of time according to our current code. Anyway, I was in the middle of working on the fix when I realized it was already 3:30 and had to rush to pick up the boys to make it home before the girls got home.

I got clear out to the car when I realized I had left my iPad on my desk, so I had to run back up to get it, further delaying me. The boys were ready (thanks, Aunt Deana) and swinging on the porch swing when I got there, so we headed home. The girls were already home, but had come in, and were fine, and I beat Becca's bus by about 10 minutes. I changed Becca's diaper right as she got home, problem solved.

For dinner we had tomato soup. The kids really wanted to camp but it was supposed to be colder outside than originally anticipated, and I worried a bit about Becca making it through the night. So, we set up the tent in the living room.

Since we didn't get to camp outside, I rented a DVD from redbox. The Pirates. They enjoyed it, and I fell asleep several times so I must have as well. I would have stayed asleep longer if Ethan and Landon hadn't kept piling on me.

After the movie, they got in their PJ's and put their sleeping bags in the tent. Emily read some stories, including some pages of the Chronicles of Narnia. I checked on them about 9:30 and found this:

I might actually have a handle on this, but there are still 4 more days, including getting everyone to church and a whole Saturday together. We will see.

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  1. Apparently your blog and facebook aren't speaking to each other... I promise I already left comments.

    I love the camping inside! Perfect for our family! ;) I love Aunt Deana and we should get us a porch swing. ;)



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