Apr 14, 2013

The Single Dad (Day 4)

Woke up this morning about 7:15. The kids had Pop-Tarts for breakfast. I then realized that I hadn't showered in several days. Now, before you judge, I now realize why Diana says the same thing to me sometimes. I didn't forget, it just never made it to the front of the line of things that were necessary. Anyway, I showered, sent the girls to shower, then bathed the boys (who apparently had no clean clothes readily available) in luke-warm water. After the clothes crisis was solved (by which I mean I picked up some clothes off their floor and smelled them, yeah, I really did) and the heater had time to warm up more water, Becca got her bath. After about 30 minutes of hair curling, we were all ready to go by 10:03. Pretty impressive considering that church doesn't start until 11:00. We even made it and were in our seats by 10:35.

After church, we came home and had a charming lunch of cold cereal and grapes. Then we read books again for a while and I may or may not of fallen asleep reading to Ethan. But, in my defense, he fell asleep too. While we were sleeping Emily and Grace made rice crispy treats with lemon meringue marshmallows. Anyway, after we woke up, it was dinner time, and we had Ramen Noodles and Clementine Cuties. Then Darrin and Kelly came over to have dessert. The rice crispy treats were delicious. The kids finally got to bed around 9:00. Another day closer to Diana's return.

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  1. Everyone around here was VERY impressed! ;)



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