Mar 29, 2007

For Sale

We put our house up for sale today. To see our house listing, click here. As of last September I have been working in Lindon and the 140 mile round-trip commute is just getting to be too much. I am on the road 3 hours a day and often I leave before the girls get up, and get home 1/2 hour before its time for them to go to bed. And with gas prices, I am spending $150 a month there too. It is exciting to move (I guess) but also a little sad. Utah county is substantially more expensive to purchase a house, so it makes it that much harder to move.
If anyone knows of available homes under $250k in northern Utah county, I would be glad to know about them. We are looking for at least 3 bedrooms, but preferably 4, ranch style on a basement, and at least .20 acre lot.

Mar 10, 2007

Cool Visual Personality Test

This was a site I came upon from Digg. It is very interesting how pictures say so much more than a word-based personality test.


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