Dec 13, 2011

Remembering the little things...

I am terrible at keeping a journal; I used to be rather regular about it, but I'm not anymore. I could say I will be better someday, but that may not happen either. However, these are a few of the things I want to remember about my family right now.

Diana (Age Classified) Adorable. Loving and thoughtful. Sometimes too thoughtful. Forgiving of my foibles, and too hard on herself for her own. There is no one I am more excited to spend eternity with. Works very hard all day every day, and like most moms, needs a recharge for the batteries that she doesn't get often enough.

Becca (11.9) Wonderful, makes me feel so frustrated and so nurturing all at the same time. Cries for no reason sometimes, but laughs for unknown reasons too and that makes it all worth it. Is more work than I thought I had time for, and Diana takes the brunt of it -- most of it in stride.

Emily (9) Smartest 9 year old I know. Moody beyond belief. I worry about her self-confidence. Does NOT take criticism well, but adores praise. Reads books voraciously like her mom. Passive unless you awaken the sleeping giant within. VERY helpful, even if she gets leaned on rather hard as the pseudo oldest in the family.

Grace (7) Only one who inherited her mom's freckles. Cute, and smart. Asks for help with homework for companionship, not need. Sneaky. Creative and fun when she wants to be. Whines to get the privileges of her sister without the effort. Very sporty. Loving and helpful to her little brothers, fights with her older sister.

Landon (4) Is a rock star to ANY song on the radio. Has all the moves down pat and knows most the words after hearing the song only a couple times. LOVES superheroes. Any of them. All of them. Knows most of their names and superpowers. Recently he's taken up being a "perdition" (Magician). All boy, but very thoughtful and caring toward Becca - even when he uses her as an obstacle in his jumping contests.

Ethan (2) Momma's little shadow. Cannot be without her without asking where she is and what she is doing. Daddy is a reasonable substitute, some of the time. Needs kisses on his boo-boos, but an air kiss in the general direction fixes everything from a small bump to a face plant. Eats ALL the time.

If you don't' keep a journal, at least write things down every so often. It's often the small things they do you forget, but makes them the most loveable too.


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