Jun 29, 2009

Camping Out

Diana's family had a reunion in Logan Canyon. To prepare we got a new tent, since the 5-man that we had (which barely fits 3) wasn't going to cut it.

This is our new tent -- 12 man (yes, for a family of 6 soon to be 7).

Left Side

Right side, so roomie -- even for a preggo.

On our way home, we got stuck in a big traffic jam. If you look closely there is a little boy relieving himself next to one of the cars. (I found this out after I got them home.)
The traffic jam was caused by this.

Horseback Riding

As part of Diana's family reunion, we went to the American West Heritage Center in Logan. They had some pony rides and the kids LOVED riding them.


Landon (had to wear a pink helmet, it was the only one that fit him)


Jun 7, 2009

Almost 3, going on Deacon

Landon -- Almost 3, going on Deacon. No, he isn't turning 3, just wears SIZE 3T clothes and is pushing into the 4T arena. He's a healthy eater, that's for sure. But he is so fun to be around; just putters around the house playing with toy cars, balls, or whatever else suits his fancy at the time. But if you wait to long to feed the boy, he gets really cranky. So if he starts getting into things or making a mess, you can bet, it's mealtime.

Jun 2, 2009

Voltron of Butterflies

My family went to the Monte L. Bean museum for Family Home Evening tonight. One of the exhibits they had was the Voltron of Butterflies. Too bad they can't really do that in nature, that would be sweet!

Jun 1, 2009

Biker lost in the valley!

Ok, the headline is the attention grabber, but seriously, how come no bikers ever get lost this way? How nice would it be to hear on the news: "A local man, missing for over a month was found today, 40 lbs heavier than when he got lost. Apparently he had a trailer full of food with him, which he ate too much of. In fact, according to experts, he could have lasted as long as 2 more months had he not eaten so much of it at once.

Seriously though, this is my bike load of food for the office for a snack vending setup my co-worker and I have. I am sure I got some strange looks riding to work pulling a trailer full of food, especially since I took the longer way down through some farmland areas.


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