Mar 30, 2011

Why Won't My Hands Do What My Brain Sees?

Sometimes I get SO frustrated with my body. Whether it is taking a photo, drawing a picture, or creating a computer program, my brain has all these great ideas that my hands have no intention of doing. Well, that's not totally true, my hands do the best they can, but things get in the way like time, cost, effort and good old know-how. I have had my share of successes:

Photography -- I have well over 400 pictures posted on my photo blog
Graphic Design -- I have had some success learning Adobe Illustrator (Some of my work)
Clothing Design -- I have come up with a few interesting shirt desings
Computer Programs -- I have created some fun, yet useful computer programs (Baby Poll, and People Lipsum)

But sometimes I want to be more than a Jack of all trades -- I want to be King, Czar, or Emperor of one.

Anyone else have this problem?

Mar 8, 2011

Nerd Merit Badge

First off, yes they exist and secondly, I just earned one. I gotta say, its probably one of the hardest merit badges I ever had to earn, and that includes environmental science, and citizenship in the community from Boy Scouts. This one was for doing something every day for 365 days. As most people know, my photoblog ( been an endeavor of mine since Jan 1, 2010. Here's the badge I earned:
 I feel a huge sense of accomplishment for having completed this, and would highly recommend to both my readers that they do it too! Maybe it's not a photo blog, but write a poem, draw a picture, do a craft project, read your scriptures, what ever you decide. Do SOMETHING every day for a year. Starting today. Trust me, it's worth it!

Mar 1, 2011

Barrier from the World

With all that goes wrong in the world, I am so blessed to have a family that makes me happy. Two little boys who ALWAYS can't wait to see me. A smallish girl that has the energy of 10 kids, and loves to tell me all about her adventures. A medium girl who regales me with stories of made up worlds and lands and wonders. An oldest girl who snuggles any time day or night. And a wife who literally exudes warmth -- in all senses of the word. If I was stranded on an island, as long as I had my little family, all would be well. *Sigh*


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