Aug 31, 2008

Zoo Too

Emily and her brother had a great time at the zoo.

Landon arrived by caterpillar.

So did Mommy.

Gracie was hatched a little later in the day.

Aug 10, 2008

Lego Castle

I got some new lego's the other day, and for the first time ever, decided to follow the instructions on "how to build" the creation. The large castle on the left is from the set (as is the dragons and the mini-figs on the right), but I decided the evil king needed his own hideout, so I built that from my existing collection.

Kinda a cool perspective shot of the courtyard.

Another Angle.

Diana helped build the larger castle with me yesterday, and decided to branch out on her own today with this creation.

Aug 9, 2008

Landon's 1st Zoo trip

We went to the Zoo today with Darrin, and Josh and his girls. We had a lot of fun and the weather was pretty good. I got some decent pictures of the kids, though Darrin got some better ones of the animals and all the kids.


Emily took a turn on the bronze tigers

Then Landon decided to give it a try, with alternate success.

Aug 1, 2008

Timpanogos Cave

For a work "team building" activity, we hiked to Timpanogos Cave on Wednesday. It was quite the hike. There are numerous switchbacks and I had to stop probably 8-10 times to catch my breath. It was worth it though, but it was a lot more cramped in some places than I remember (last time I went I was probably 10 years old). It took a good hour and a half to get to the top, and about half an hour to get down. I am SO sore all over; it hurts to move. If I decide to go again and take the kids, I would definitely give myself an extra hour or so.


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