Sep 19, 2010

Last One turning One

A childs first birthday is the most important birthday they will ever have. If they don't have thier first one, they won't have their eighth, twelfth, sixteenth, eighteenth, or twenty first. And yet no one remembers it. So, in an effort to prove to Ethan that he did in fact actually have one, I present the following.

Sep 7, 2010

Labor Day Fun

For Labor Day weekend, we went to Logan to for my sister Heather's baby's blessing. 4 of the 6 siblings have had children in the last year, so the obligatory "cousins picture" was taken. Notice the monstrous one; he's mine.

We stayed overnight and Monday went to Promontory Summit where the Golden Spike was driven connecting the Eastern and Western US railroads. Landon, whose middle name is "why on earth are you doing that?" decided to check out the local geology.


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