Nov 30, 2005


Today we sold 12 Phones at work - beat our monthly goal by 1. We were down by 19 on Monday and I didn't think there was any way we were going to make it. Because I hit my goal for the store I got the full bonus of $1600 -- that will help alot toward paying off some bills.

I added some more stuff to the Supergroup base in City of Heroes, but going is slow since I am the only active member currently. =( Slowly but surely I will get there I think. Several of my online friends should be re-joining around Christmas time. Hopefully I can get a few more things put in and start making new items -- and recruit some more members to help earn money.

Nov 28, 2005

Lights, Lights and more Lights

Today we put up the Christmas lights on the house. We hung them from the eaves all across the front. We all suited up for snow and spent about 2 hrs hanging them. Emily and Gracie got cold so they went in to watch Blue's Clues. When we got done, we hung some icicle lights from the shelf separating the kitchen and living room. We are planning on putting up the Christmas tree next Monday for family home evening.

I finished up to the book of Mosiah in the Book of Mormon. I tried to download the scriptures in MP3 format, but I actually read faster than the narrator reads, so I just went back to reading =).

Nov 27, 2005

The Nerd Flu

My whole family was sick today so we didn't go to church -- well the two adults were for sure, and the kids all had runny noses. We mostly rested. Emily and I made a giant chocolate chip cookie. It turned out perfect.

This afternoon, we went to my parents house for dinner for my brother, Stephen's, birthday. We had cake, the cookie, and pumpkin cheesecake for dessert. They were all excellent.

Then I came home and we watched Stargate while I played COH and Diana sewed. I hope everyone feels better tomorrow.

Nov 26, 2005

War of the Worlds

We rented War of the Worlds and watched it today; it was pretty cool. Not exactly what I expected, but good. Though ever since Tom Cruise went crazy I have a hard time imagining him in any role that he isn't wearing a straight jacket -- and it makes me sick that 7 yr old Dakota Fanning makes more in a month than I do in a year -- or more.

My corruptor in COV is lvl 14 now -- Finally, he can fly! It makes it so much easier to get around that way -- especially since COV has much more blockades on streets etc than COH does. I also deleted and remade my dominator, her old name was Antarctikana-- because she was the nemesis to my controller, Arctikus- But it didn't fit her since she was a plant/thorn toon. I didn't like her costume either, so I remade her -- Organicami, a more fitting name and made her a new costume too.

Black Saturday

Today it snowed for the first time this winter. It didn't stick past about noon, but it was snow none the less. I sold 4 phones at work today (a decent day) but the computer's internet connection was down, so I had to call people to run applications and post invoice for me. That was a bummer.

I finished the book of 2nd Nephi, and only need to read 11 pages per day to finish by Jan 1st. I will probably try to read more than that so I can have less to read around Christmas when things get busier. Hopefully I can get to Mosiah within a day or two.

I worked on my City of Heroes page some more -- the old layout was hard to compare toons. I will hopefully get the rest of the pics up soon.

Nov 25, 2005

Harry Potter, COV update, and Thanksgiving

I went to Harry Potter: The Goblet of Fire last Friday (18th). It was full to overflowing, I ended up sitting on a chair from the ticket booth next to a handicapped spot. It was worth it though I guess; the movie was awesome. Of course it was an abridged version of the book, but the special effects were great and the storyline was smooth.

I have now created a new villain of each archetype in City of Villains. And they are all to at least level 2. My highest one is lvl 13 now -- a fire/fire corruptor. You can see them all at . It is a very good "sequel" to City of Heroes, though I am still getting used to the new mission format. The supergroup I belong to has a base with several items in it so far, but nothing of value yet; Have to get power, computer systems, etc in place before you can put anything useful in.

Thanksgiving was at my parent's house. It was nice, there weren't quite as many people there as usual, but it was enjoyable and a lot quieter =). We are having Thanksgiving again today at my house with my wife's family. My wife is making the turkey, pie, and potatoes. It should be fun.

Nov 18, 2005

Mmm Chocolate...

I watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory last night (the Johnny Depp version). It is quite interesting; He is sarcastic throughout the movie -- I love movies like that. The color and special effects in the movie are pretty cool too.

I am going to go see the 4th Harry Potter movie tonight. Should be very good, I have liked all the others. In fact, picking up the 3rd one on DVD this afternoon as well.

Nov 17, 2005

The demise of our (so called) 4th Child and City of Villains

My laptop died (a Dell Inspiron 5100) and I suspect from reading online that it finally got too hot over an extended period of time and fried something. I have had it for 2.5 years and it has served me well, but MAN do I miss having it. I got an adapter from CompUSA so I can retrieve the harddrive contents, but I guess I need a 40-44 pin adapter as well, so I will get that tomorrow when I go to Salt Lake. I will see if I can fix the laptop, but if not, I am currently accepting large sums of money to replace it =). I will probably get another Dell, like I said, I was happy with it, looking at the Inspiron 6000 or 9300. I really would like the MCE version, so I had a portable TV of sorts, but not sure if I can justify the price.

I got $60 in Best Buy gift cards from the company I work for yesterday, so I decided to buy a new game. I got City of Villains so that I can build a supergroup base in City of Heroes. It is by far my favorite game. I have a page about it on my website ( ) I will add my villains when I pick up the game tomorrow. I had some money left over so I got Harry Potter 3 and The Sound of Music DVD's for my wife. I am way excited for the game -- I have names picked out for my villains already. I will create 1 of each archetype so I can get a lock on the names.


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