Feb 14, 2010

The Gall of Hospitals

I recently had 2 stints in the Hospital ER. The first one was at 3 am on a Wednesday a couple of weeks ago. My 34th Birthday. The whole experience is rather foggy, I was in a lot of pain and throwing up, and therefore on a lot of medication, but when I woke up I had 3 little dots on my stomach and an inch long slit next to my belly button -- and no gall bladder. Apparently mine had reached it's expiration date, and had started to go bad. (5-6 gallstones). Then the following Sunday I ended up going back (again, in pain, and throwing up) and after several more extensive (ie Expensive) tests, they concluded that one of the gallstones had slipped away and gotten stuck. With a few medications, it was taken care of and passed normally.

Then, a few days ago I got the bill from the 1st ER visit -- Grand Total: $10,680. Still waiting on the second one. However, this is a small price to pay vs the alternative which apparently is 100% less being alive, so... what you gonna do?


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