Jan 8, 2012

Book of Mormon Reading Chart

This year's Gospel Doctrine Study is the Book of Mormon. One of my goals is to read it as a family within the year. We have started it several times before, but often get sidetracked or fizzle out. I am sure I am not the only one with this issue. To help me (and them) I made a deal with my children, that no matter how late it was, they could always stay up until we had read scriptures. Not only has this helped us read scriptures every night, but suprisingly has helped them go to bed better and more quickly.

As one of the teachers, I encouraged the class to read the whole Book of Mormon this year, starting from the beginning. To help facilitate finishing and keeping up with reading, I put together bookmarks as a handout (Yeah, I know, how Relief Society of me.) The first column is the month, the second is the page you should be on at the last day of that month. Feel free to save it and print it, or click on the image below for a letter-sized page of 6.


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