Nov 30, 2011

One Month Photo Challenge

After almost 2 years of daily photo posting, I am running out of ideas. So, I decided to write it down -- make a list of a daily picture so that I wouldn't have to think OF the subject, just how to portray it. Comment on this post with a link to your own blog with your participation. C'mon. You know you want to....


Nov 6, 2011

One Way, Keep Right

We went to Brigham City this weekend for a family baby blessing. After sacrament meeting, we took a drive around town. The Brigham City Temple is coming along nicely and we made a stop to take a quick peek through the fence. Due to construction, traffic was re-routed around the temple so as we made our way around it, I saw this:

Notice two very important signs, ONE WAY to get to the Temple. KEEP RIGHT. There really is only one way to get to the temple, keep right with Heavenly Father, keep right with your family, and keep right with your fellow man. Who knew so much could be learned outside the temple that's not even finished.

Nov 4, 2011

A Brush With Amazing

Tonight the whole family had the opportunity to meet Collin Raye. It was an amazing experience. Such a nice guy -- truly awesome. We sat and talked to him for almost an hour while he held Becca and stroked her head and hair. Then we got to sit in the balcony backstage and watch him sing. What awesome messages his songs portray. Life after Death, Eternal Love, Kinship, God's Love. Amazing. If you want to read more about the whole experience, check out Diana's post. Anyway, I did get some decent pictures, and thought I would share them

They did this for a whole hour, he talked, she listened, he smiled, she smiled, he kissed her and stroked her face, she giggled. It was awesome

Our backstage lodgings

Becca just listened intently the whole time, not a peep.

During the singing of Amazing Grace...

His Rockstar pose.

3 in the outhouse
You can also check out the first time we went to see him in concert


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