Jan 7, 2014

12 Days of Christmas For My Wife

This year I did the 12 days of Christmas for my wife, Diana. I had a lot of fun coming up with items for each day. They are:
1 Step closer to a new van.
Fun 12 days of Christmas Ideas
We have been looking in to getting a wheelchair lift equipped van. However, in order to purchase the van, we need the money from the van we currently own. However, should we sell the van, we would not have an easy way to take the family to get the new van. However, one of the dealers I contacted agreed to pay at least whatever the car appraised for, so for the 1st present I went and got the van appraised so she wouldn't have to.

2 Containers of Non-Sweet Spheres
2 containers of non-sweet spheres - Fun 12 days of Christmas Ideas
We have been looking for some time for the "perfect" candy containers for the mantle. I found two of them at Hobby Lobby that are just the right size; not so big that there is more candy than I can afford, but not so small that 1 handful empties the jar. Then I filled them with sour balls.

3 Baby Racoons Treats
3 Baby Racoons Treats - Fun 12 Days of Christmas Ideas
My wife LOVES baby corn. I don't. She loves to eat them on salad, off salad, with a fox, in a box, on a boat, with a goat -- well, you get the idea.

4 "Cups" of snowballs
4 "Cups" of Snowballs - Fun 12 days of Christmas Ideas
This was one of my favorite ones, because I am hilarious. She needed new bras anyway, so I figured, why not make it fun(ny). I took 4 Hostess Snowballs and put 1 in each Ziploc bag in it's appropriate cup.

5 Implements of Inspiration
5 Implements of Inspiration - Fun 12 Days of Christmas Ideas
 My wife loves to write. So much so, she has written two 50,000 word books, both of which started out longhand on a legal pad. You can read about them on her website. She is one of the few people I know that has actually used up all the ink in the pen before losing it.

6 Beautification Products
6 Beautification Products - Fun 12 Days of Christmas Ideas
My wife is beautiful -- without makeup, with makeup, all dressed up, in sweats, in a box, with a fox, on a boat with a goat... sorry I got sidetracked. Anyway, two of my girls are constantly stealing her hair clips and headbands and then losing or breaking them, so I got her some replacements.

7 Heartwarming Items
7 Heartwarming Items - Fun 12 Days of Christmas Ideas

Diana hates being cold. I mean HATES! She loves anything that will warm her up, blankets, a fireplace, and hot cocoa. So, for day 7, she got 7 boxes of various flavors of hot cocoa.

8 Tipped Over
8 Tipped Over - Fun 12 Days of Christmas Ideas
8 on it's side is ∞. She loves scarves, especially in the winter, since they add an additional layer of warmth. For day 8, I got her an soft blue knit infinity scarf.

9 = 3 + 6 (36)
9=3+6 (36) - Fun 12 Days of Christmas Ideas
Diana loves Pringles. I don't. (are you noticing a pattern here?). There is something not right about slices of "potato" that all look the exact same. Nevertheless, she loves them, so that's what she got.

10 Packs of Dunkers
10 Packs of Dunkers - Fun 12 Days of Christmas Ideas
She loves Oreos. So do I. (yeah, the one exception to the trend that was going). We often have them together as a late night snack. They are so delicious with some ice cold milk.

11 Rolls of Fun
11 Rolls of Fun - Fun 12 Days of Christmas Ideas
Diana is quite the seamstress. She loves pattern making and altering and anything to do with sewing. Ribbon is often the 1 thing that makes a "regular" item unique and extra pretty, and one of the things she has the hardest times buying for herself due to the cost.

12 Danglies and a Holder for Their Friends
12 Danglies and a Holder for Thier Friends - Fun 12 Days of Christmas Ideas
 This was the most time consuming of all the gifts, and yet one of the most rewarding. I made the box about 18x23, then painted it black and mod-podged the background into the box. Next, I added the cup hooks inside for her necklaces. The original frame was white, so I added paint thinner to the paint to make it more of a glaze, painted the frame, then wiped it off. I attached burlap (for the earrings) to the frame on the back with staples, then attached the frame to the box with hinges. It turned out awesome I think.

What's the best gift you gave this year?


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